Highly imaginative Writer/Director with a solid five years of experience making a variety of fictional films. Strong passion for creating independent films, but also have a knack for creating commercials, commercial film productions, documentaries, short films and Music Videos. Aniruddh is also up-to-date with the Knowledge of the latest camera, video, and audio equipment and editing software.

Enjoy working with a variety of actors and crew members at many different experience levels. Also have a knack for bringing out the best in an actor, script, or production. 

Well-honed time management skills, which are essential to keeping Video and Film productions on schedule and cast and crew on task. Written and verbal communication skills allow me to coordinate with cast and crew members and other individuals essential to making sure a production is successfully started and completed. Creative skills necessary to interpret scripts, make necessary changes to scripts to improve the production, and help cast members bring the scriptwriter’s vision to life.

Besides making films, Aniruddh Adeshra also enjoy watching them, especially those in the suspense and neo-noir genres. On the weekends, He likes going for bike rides on the paths close to my home and venturing up to some open ground or a lake when the weather permits. Aniruddh also cherishes time he ha in hand to read biographies of filmmakers to better understand the craft, improve his filmmaking abilities, and broaden his creativity.